A set of 20 Digital Tie-Dye Spiral Brushes, I released in June! Check it out here on Creative Market! 
Have you ever wanted to make tie-dye patterns without the mess?
Create awesome digital tie-dye patterns with this custom set of 20 Photoshop Brushes! The possibilities are endless! If you can think it you can make it! This is perfect for artists of all kinds! Designers, fashion designers, illustrators, hobbyists and crafters!
What's included in the Volume 2 - Spiral Brush Pack:
- .abr file to load onto your brush preset palette
- Formatted for Photoshop CS5 (if you need it formatted for an older version please send me an email -prismlightstudios.la@gmail.com)
- All brushes are high res 2000px by 2000px across for creating higher res files.
- 20 Large Tie-Dye Brushes: spirals, loops, half teeth, random spiders, sunburst spirals, and sunburst stars!
- Includes a photoshop PSD file of a sample pattern layout - here I've outlined what brushes I've used, what layer blend modes - I've used and some sample inspiration!
- Includes a PDF Brush Guide.
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