Abstract Boho Landscape Art Creator for Photoshop
Create your own stunning boho wall art with this set of textures, color palettes, shapes, and layouts! Check out the Photoshop version of this product on my website here.
What's included in this set: 
- 2 Sets of Pre-made color palettes and color textures in each color in JPEG files 
- 3 Sets of Scattered Pattern Textures in Black and White PNGs 
- 13 Landscape Shapes, PNG, and Vector files. 
- Sun, moon, diamond, and star shapes in PNG and Vector files. 
- 10 Pre-made Layouts in JPEGs ready to use! 
-10 PSD 8x11 in - Layout creator with folders and layers for color palettes, shapes, textures, sun and moon shapes, and landscapes formatted in separate layers!
Feel free to use these shapes on branding projects, business cards, posters, invitations, print or digital, on social media, wall art, and many more!
Check out my Tutorial Video on my YouTube Channel:
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