Branding and logo design for My Internal Image Website
Final logo with color

Logo concepts
What is my internal image? Craig Nielson is a women’s empowerment coach and he is passionate about helping women build their confidence.
My Challenge: To rebrand and refresh an older website into a design that would attract younger women. The old website lacked good branding, the colors and layout also didn’t reflect the message. Some of the challenges with the old website was that it looked like it was advertising vacation rentals with the header image out of place, all of the stock images were super out dated, the logo needed some help because it didn’t really speak to potential clients visiting the site.
Research: Many self-help and coaching websites use this landing page format for mobile responsiveness.

Final website: This project was my ideal project! I really loved working with Craig, he is such an inspiration and was really open to all of my design ideas! With the rebrand, I opted for a cleaner palette with black, pink and red. All of the colors that would appeal to young women. I also designed a new logo for his company that he can use on all of his printed material and web, and social media accounts. The idea behind the logo came from looking at yourself through a mirror and seeing past the facade and looking within (internally) which is essentially what Craig’s practice is about. I worked with him on organizing the content and having the information flow through as the users went on his site.

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