When I work with clients, I create a sheet of type faces for the client to look at to get a feel for the style they are trying to achieve with designing their identity. I take this approach to give them possibilities on what their logos can look like.
Sometimes they choose typefaces from these samples, sometimes not. But the point of this part of the process is to get the client to express the style they want to convey for their identity and branding. By process of elimination, it helps the client gain clarity in the direction they are aiming towards. 
In this development process, the client wanted her name written out in a few different typefaces with a complimentary icon that wrote out her initials. The process below is the first attempt at writing out her name with her name initials in a more hand lettered font that I created by hand and later digitizing it in Adobe Illustrator. 
We then created a more simplified version with the initials placed to the left of the typeface "Book Mania Light", along with some color combinations that I sampled from some reference images found via Pinterest. My client had created a mood board for the project and so she was able to express the look and feel she wanted for her identity branding. 
The final design ended up being modified and centered above the name typeface in the layout. This is a custom design I hand lettered and I ended up adding some flourishes on both ends to give it a more elegant, simple, and classic style. 
hand lettered rough concepts with placement ideas
Final logo design, simplified version.
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