An astrologist by the name of K Moon Astro reached out to me and found my YouTube video on a product I created called Astrology Vector Set and hired me to create a series of worksheets, slide decks, and illustrations for her online course Star School.
This is a project I had a pleasure of working on since September 2020. I helped with the design and layout of Astrology online course content. Helped with creating worksheets, slide presentations for classes, etc. 
Worksheets below were designed in Adobe InDesign, graphics, icons, etc., were created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Slide decks were designed and created in Keynote, added graphics and simple transition animations between slides. 
Packaged all of the graphics, fonts, etc. in Adobe InDesign and prepped to export as a PDF file with printing settings for students to download and print from home. 
Star School 201 Class 2 Slide Deck
Created a matching set of 24 YouTube Card thumbnails 
for K Moon Astro YouTube Channel for 2021 Forecasts.
Created original vector graphics and icons, background universe images from license free stock photography site.
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