The Gypsy Goddess website project was something I had created in 2016 and added a shopping cart feature in early 2017. My goal was to also sell my full digital products suite on my site to see if I was searchable on Google. Originally, I published my products on Creative Market first in early 2016, but I had no way of figuring out my customer base; who they were, their habits, their behaviors, and what products they were more inclined to buy.
So I built an extra site outside of the shop I already had on Creative Market in an effort to learn more about my customer base, to my surprise there were a lot of small shops, clothing stores buying my seamless patterns to print my designs onto apparel. And a few fashion designers who were buying a mix of patterns and Photoshop brushes to create their own designs. My Photoshop brushes offered a way to "DIY" without starting from scratch. Instead they were pre-made shapes that they can mix and match.   
Check out my full case study on Figma, just click and drag to expand or zoom in.
I also caught the attention of Shein, an e-commerce site that sells clothing. They licensed some of tie-dye patterns for their clothing. You can check it out here. 

Check out one of my YouTube Videos: How to Brand Your Work
In this video I explain some of the fundamentals of branding your artwork and break down some of the strategy and exercises I use on how I created my brand, The Gypsy Goddess.
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