Northstar Warrior © 2013 Diane Pascual.

Academy of Art University San Francisco
Thesis Project : MFA - Visual Development for Animation
Project Abstract
My story has elements of the story Snow White, Tangled, and the movie Stardust.
My inspiration came from living in New York City and Native American Spirituality beliefs. Origin myths and creation stories about humans and the earth has always been a great interest of mine. As well as stories set in an alternate future and reality.
Northstar is an original idea I had that I wrote into a story. My final thesis project is a printed book with character development from initial sketches to turnarounds, character lineup, expression sheets, prop designs, background paintings, final scene moments, and a color script.
My  lm is about true love and embracing one’s path.  is is a coming of age story about a young woman named Sacha discovering her roots as the Northstar, a magical being with powers of light. Sacha is destined by prophecy to become the chieftess of the great city of Etu, she is the illegitimate child of the last Chief.
Sacha is a thief with a kind heart, she has the skills and she’s capable, though doesn’t know it yet, to claim the throne as the Northstar or the city of Etu will become in danger under the rule of the evil Chie ess Dakota. She meets Elias who will help her to become who she is meant to be. But In order to save her true love Elias, Sacha must embrace her destiny as the Northstar and defeat the evil Dakota.
Early Character Designs and Thumbnail Character Sketches
Rough thumbnail sketch concepts to figure out story beats.
Traditional Work
Oil Painting Studies
Life drawing workshops 2014 - 2015 in Los Angeles. 
Life Drawing Studies while attending graduate school of Visual Development at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Life Drawing Course 2011.
Oil Painting Portraits circa 2007, self-studies at a drawing workshop in San Diego.
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