WeatherScope is a Livestreaming Weather App created by Lawrence Karnow who is the weatherman on KRON4 TV in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I had the pleasure of working on this app as an ongoing freelance project from Oct 2016 - Dec 2017. I was involved with helping originally on marketing the app on social media, developing their WordPress site, and then eventually rebranding the logo and UI of the mobile app and creating new features. 
Check out my deck on Figma to learn more about the app. 

WeatherScope App Features Check out the Video Below. 
Lawrence Karnow was the startup founder for this app, he's currently the weatherman on KRON4 TV.
WeatherScope is a user-friendly live streaming weather tool, connecting through social media to people from all over the world.

All you need is your smartphone or tablet, and you can become an on-the-spot weather reporter, showing the weather as it happens.
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